One Thousand Buddhas

one thousand buddhas

awaken spirit of compassion
arise and be born you new leaders of the revolution
a revolt to spring forth by glimmering action
from the well of open hearts
the sea of the tao
a lesson from those with compassionate souls
arise a vibration of action
to enlighten

sowing seeds
of a new kind of peace
not one blackened by rocket impacts
backed by bullets
biased business albatross around the neck of the poor
but one of voluntary inclusion
color-blind justice
non-stratified society

one of tolerance and mutual respect
for personal differences
ethnic preferences and traditionsindividuality

without hatred of those who are unlike the majority

slavery will end by our collective renewal
our birthing of a new pliant maluble transparent
local self-ungovernment
based on a local eco-systems needs
and a council of mediators balancing those needs with the others needs
and giving without recieving

new buddahs act,
awake within thee
pour out

by Daniel Pierson

Published by


Chef, vegan, warrior

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