Gluten-free Low-carb Nut-free Plantbased Seed Buns

GF low-carb Seed buns – nut free

150 g sunflower meal

20 g potato fiber

40 g psyllium husk powder

50 g sesame flour

30 g flax meal

30 g pumpkin seeds whole (optional)

20 g chia seeds whole (optional)

2 t erythritol

1 t sea salt

2 t baking powder

1 t sourdough powder

1 T oil

375 ml water, boiled

2 t vinegar

180 C oven preheated — fan if you have it

1. Add the dry ingredients to a bowl

2. Mix

3. Boil the water

4. Add vinegar and oil ‘wet ingredients ‘

5. Use a large spoon to mix the wet into the dry

6. Let rest for 10 minutes

7. Knead for a few seconds in the bowl

8. Divide and bake

180 C

50-60 minutes

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