Buckwheat Soba Noodles


Soba served with Peanut Spinach Sauce, Broccoli and Rice-puff Fried Tofu

Buckwheat Soba Noodles

  • 1 C Buckwheat flour 1
  • ½ C Arrowroot powder
  • ¼ t Sea salt
  • 1 T Psyllium husk powder + 4 T water
  • 1 T Olive oil (or any mild-flavored oil)
  • 100 ml Water
  1. Mix the dry ingredients
  2. Mix the Psyllium husk powder and 4 T water in a small bowl
  3. It will get thick and gel-like in about 2-3 minutes
  4. Add the 100 ml water and the 1 T oil to the psyllium gel
  5. Mix a bit
  6. Add these wet ingredients into the dry
  7. Mix with a spoon
  8. Then with your hands
  9. Divide in 2
  10. Roll out each piece into a rectangle, about 0.5 cm or ¼ inch thick
  11. Trim the 4 sides
  12. Cut into ribbons
  13. Drop in boiling water
  14. Cook in 2 min or so and done

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#glutenfree #homemadenoodles #soba #buckwheat


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