To my Dad

The kindest man I ever knew.

His heart gave up one morning in the middle of the night 8 years ago. A big beautiful heart full of love.

I talked to him on the phone the night before, on his birthday. You could not outwork him.

The man gave and gave and gave. I guess until his heart couldn’t give any more.

He taught me to give and I’ll keep on giving my love, in honor of him.

He didn’t suffer. He deserved at least not to.

I love you Dad, good bye. I’ll send these last words I said to him that night, one more time.

Here’s to the little man who will never make it.

But does the right thing when no one cares.

That helps when no one asks.

That puts himself behind the needs of others.

That lives beautifully without expecting love.

That feels goodness is it’s own reward.

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