Noodles — Plantbased— Egg-Free Super Wide Noodles

Super Wide Noodles

These super easy super quick noodles are delicious, just flour and water. Things come together quickly if you have a proper food processor. I have a trusty MagiMix that’s lasted 15 years so far, works like the day I bought it. Much use and abuse.


300 g AP flour

½ t sea salt

90 – 120 ml (probably 20 ml more …(but start with 90..)

1. Food Processor, like my trusty MAGIMIX

2. Blade attachment

3. Add all the flour and salt

4. Turn on the machine

5. In the open chute

6. Slowly pour in the water

7. The dough will look like crumbs at first….. keep adding water

8. Stop immediately when the dough comes together, sticks to itself, and the machine makes a different sound….

9. Kneed the dough a bit without any extra flour.

10. Roll out with a large rolling pin, when the dough is plate sized, sprinkle a bit of cornstarch or tapioca starch on the work surface

10. When the dough is wide and thin as you want it, sprinkle a bit more starch on top. Cut it in half. fold it onto itself twice.

11. Cut into ribbons, separating them as soon as they are cut. Fluff them up a bit so they don’t stick together

12. Boil 1 ½ minutes

My recommendation:

I have THIS trusty MagiMix that’s lasted 15 years so far, works like the day I bought it.

Works just as well for Italian style pasta. Same initial technique, just a bit of olive oil and optional egg yolk for those who tolerate eggs.

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