Nine Principles

The 9 Principles of the Peaceful Warrior

Speak the Truth.

Do the Right thing

The Way is in Training your Body.

Day after Day, Everyday

Always seek to Learn something New.

Practice it, improve

Know the ways of Work.

be Efficient, be Responsible

Distinguish what you can Do Without.

Judge wisely

Trust your own Intuition.

In All ways

Perceive the Unseeable.

See through Illusion

Pay Attention to Details.

Study the Situation

Do Nothing that is of no Use.

Discard all Clutter

Adapted and inspired and original sentiment from — Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

Strawberry Jam—Quick ‘n Sugar-Free

Strawberry Jam — Quick ‘n Sugar-free

150 g Strawberries, frozen

¼ C Water, cold

40 g Erythritol, brown `sugar` type

½ t Citric Acid Powder or zest and juice of ½ Lemon

⅛ t Vanilla Powder

A few drops, Stevia, liquid

1 t Guar Gum Powder

1. Heat the first ingredients from Strawberries to Vanilla in a small saucepan

2. When the Strawberries begin to soften a bit, after about 2-4 minutes of simmering

3. Remove from the heat

4. Add the Stevia drops

5. Use a small fine Sieve to distribute the Guar Gum evenly over the top surface of the jam.

6. Mix this in well.

7. Let sit and cool

8. Refrigerate after acquiring room temperature.

Plantbased Dalgona Whipped Coffee — Sugar-free

2 T Erythritol, Powdered

1 1/2 T Coffee, Instant

2 T Water, Boiling

Vanilla powder, a Dash of

1 C Plantbased Milk of your choice

1. All Ingredients in a tall metal Beaker or Carafe

2. Attach the whisk attachment to an immersion blender

3. Whisk until peaks form

4. Add Ice to a glass

5. Pour in Plantbased milk

6. Top with Dalgona mixture

7. Stir to enjoy