Plantbased Peaceful Warrior


This blog is a resource for plant-based inspiration. Plant-based recipes and techniques.

And a reflection on

the Tao.

I think of the Tao as a mindset as opposed to a religion…

a simple philosophy that is really an un-philosophy…

respect what we don’t know… and never will…

honor your own experience

as authentic.

The ‘master’ or ‘sage’ in the Tao te Ching, by Lao Tzu, is you. A more refined and in-tune-with-everything ‘you’ on your path to living peacefully and accepting the way things are. While learning all the way. Being comfortable with the ‘you’ you naturally are.

As a chef or a cook, we are always learning along the way. The path to becoming comfortable with the knife, the spatula, the oven… is the same as in life. Respect yourself, respect the ingredients. Allow both to make mistakes and love them.